Iranian cleric condemns silence of int’l bodies towards crimes in Bahrain, Yemen

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Tehran Interim Friday Prayers leader Ahmad Khatami criticized the Islamic and international bodies that remain to turn a blind eye on the crimes committed by the Saudis and their allies in Bahrain, Yemen and the Shia population living in the kingdom.

Ayatollah Khatami hailed huge turnout in the presidential and local elections held on May 19, adding that all people should help the president-elect run the country.

The official pointed to US president recent visit to the region and said that, despite Donald Trump’s accusations leveled against Iran, everybody knows that Washington is main source of terrorism in the world.

Tehran Friday Prayers leader, then went on to denounce the idea put forward by Trump regarding formation of an Arab NATO, saying that many Arab nations are opposed to the policies followed by the US and its regional allies.

Referring to the support given to former Iraqi dictator Saddam by Washington and its allies in the region, the cleric dismissed the idea that they could do any harm to Islamic Republic of Iran.

“If you make a mistake and launch an attack against Iran, you will be given an annihilating response,” Khatami warned.

Pointing to the recent Daesh terrorist attack in Manchester, he said that the British people should condemn both Daesh and those who had a role in creation of the terrorist group, including the United Kingdom officials.

Ayatollah Khatami also condemned cracking down of Bahraini people by the al-Khalifa ruling dynasty, saying that the recent crimes in Bahrain happened following the US green light.